Factsheet 1

Läkaruppropet, The Physicians’ Appeal, has produced factsheets on the COVID-19-pandemic, including key points about infection, treatment and vaccines. We plan to publish three factsheets over the coming weeks: Factsheet #1 will be published on 30th November, followed by the others every 1-2 weeks after that.

The factsheets are available for download and we encourage everyone who follows use to spread them on social media and also to print out copies and to post them in letterboxes, on notice boards, hand them out in shopping centres etc. You can also email the factsheet as a pdf file to friends, politicians, government officials etc.

The majority of the world’s citizens have trusted and continue to trust the authorities’ handling of the pandemic. Therefore, we have produced these new factsheets to reach out to as many people as possible with important and potentially lifesaving information that they are unlikely to have seen.

We have also published key scientific or other references to all information presented in the factsheets.

factsheet with references