All Covid-19 vaccination of breastfeeding women should be stopped immediately.

All Covid-19 vaccination of breastfeeding women should be stopped immediately.

Children are dying and suffering life-threatening side-effects on a par with those caused by neurosedyn (other names: talidomid and contergan) in the 1960s, and which are the reason for the very rigorous requirements imposed on new drugs and vaccines. That we are inflicting these harms on the most fragile individuals in our society is a monumental scandal.

A couple of days ago a study was published showing that mRNA from the Covid-19 vaccines is transmitted via breast milk of vaccinated breastfeeding women to the infant [1). Data from the US adverse event system VAERS show with great clarity that the consequences are devastating [2].

A total of 648 reports have been received of injuries to children who suckle their Covid-19 vaccinated mothers. Of these children, at least three have died. The other side effects are in an overwhelming majority of cases extremely serious:

  • 138 children have developed anticholinergic syndrome, which has a very high mortality rate,
  • 118 of the children have had malignant neuroleptic syndrome, which has a mortality rate of 10% despite optimal treatment and in children has an even higher mortality rate [3],
  • approximately 300 injuries have been reported involving liver, anaphylactic shock, neurological damage and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

When a new rotavirus vaccine was launched in 1999, it was withdrawn after 15-20 children were reported in VAERS to have experienced serious adverse events [4]. Thus, 648 adverse events have been reported for the Covid-19 vaccines, the clear majority of which are serious. The immunologist Jessica Rose has analysed adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine in VAERS in great detail, and believes that the number of adverse reactions needs to be multiplied by 31 (a reporting rate that is therefore slightly higher than in the past, 3.2%) [5].

This is a scandal on a par with the neurosedyn of the 1960s. Based on what we now know about the Covid vaccine, vaccination of breastfeeding women should be stopped immediately.

Bio-Medico Legal Network for the Physicians’ Appeal